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CanAm Wrestling stops in Airdrie in support of BGC


Nov 24, 2022

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CanAm Wrestling held another evening of professional wrestling at BGC Airdrie Club on Saturday, Nov. 19, welcoming cheering crowds out in support of a couple of good causes. 

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The Calgary-based wrestling platform has been back to touring the province, stopping in communities all over to support both local and national initiatives. 

This time around the show featured a 50-50 raffle with all proceeds being donated to BGC Airdrie Club, and non-perishable food items were collected at the doors to be donated to the Veterans Food Bank. 

As well, local businesses donated 13 door prizes to assist in fundraising efforts, and 1861 Bar and Grill provided catering for the show. 

CanAm Wrestling organizer Otto Gentile said every time they stop for a show in Airdrie, they’re taken aback by the amount of community support they get. 

“We got some incredible door prizes that were given away by the people of Airdrie. They’ve been awesome, and we find sponsors out of the blue,” said Gentile. 

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“The amount of generosity from all these people in Airdrie is overwhelming sometimes,” he said. 

The show was previously held at the Town and Country Centre, but CanAm found the venue unaffordable. Gentile said partnering with BGC Airdrie Club will prove to be valuable two-ways. 

“(BGC Airdrie Club) have been super to us. They gave us this beautiful venue, and it’s going to be our new home from here on in,” he said. 

BGC Airdrie Club Events and Volunteer Coordination Manager Kathy Ritcher said the club can see the value in hosting CanAm events going forward. 

“It’s a win-win for everyone. It helps us to bring awareness for CanAm, but it also benefits us because we’re the beneficiaries of the 50-50. Goodness knows every dollar counts nowadays,” said Ritcher. 

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“That helps us to sustain our programs that we provide to the children, youth and families of Airdrie,” she said. 

“It’s a fun event, and Calgary was known for their Stampede Wrestling back in the day, so to bring this kind of thing back and bring it to Airdrie, how could we not?” 

She added that it was also beneficial in bringing people to BGC Airdrie Club to learn about what they do. 

“It brings awareness to us, because people are coming into the facility. If they didn’t know about us before, they’re going to now,” she said. 

“The Boys and Girls Club has many great things to offer the community. Who knows what this may entail to bring future members and participants… to the club.” 

Talks have been in progress to bring CanAm wrestling back to BGC Airdrie Club about four times per year. 

Being a family friendly event, Gentile said that CanAm is willing to help any family with children get in to see the show. 

“Nobody calls, and I’m true to my word. If you call, and you’re having problems with money, we’ll make it happen so families can come and enjoy our show,” he said. 

For future shows, families can contact CanAm at 403-369-3677. 

Gentile thanked the community of Airdrie for helping them support others. 

“It means the world to us to raise these things for all of these people and charities. We’ll keep coming back to do it again and again,” he said.

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